tyler ray hawkins designs


Duration: 4 hours

Caution: This work contains nudity, course language, haze and lighting effects.


From the ancient Greek philosopher Parmenides to Satre and Heiddiger,

Yves Klein to Marina Abramovic, the concept of The Void has

entertained, plagued and baffled humans for thousands of years.

WATERMELON is a gargantuan attempt to find new ways of

understanding what exists; to find new truths in a post-truth world. This

endurance performance will take you on a journey through four visually

and philosophically different worlds that explore and reflect our

experiences of The Void and the many ways it manifests aesthetically,

emotionally and politically in our lives IRL + URL.

Harriet Gillies, Natalie Abbott and Tyler Hawkins, WATERMELON, Underbelly Arts 2017